Black Skin Friendly Breathable Thickened Hoodie

Black Skin Friendly Breathable Thickened Hoodie


This is a black thickened hoodie, which is skin-friendly and breathable, comfortable to wear and gives you a warm touch.

Size: 23.22*26.77*0.34 inch
Material: Polyester fiber + cotton

Made of high-quality polyester fiber and cotton, the fabric is skin-friendly, soft to the touch, and will not fade easily after repeated washing.

The thickening process ensures better thermal insulation in cold weather, allowing you to stay warm in the cold wind.

The specially designed breathable structure maintains good ventilation, not only providing warmth in cold weather, but also preventing excessive stuffiness, so you always feel fresh.

Using advanced sanding technology, special treatment makes the hoodie surface smoother, greatly reducing the possibility of pilling.

Additional information

Weight 1.96 lbs
Dimensions 23.22 × 26.77 × 0.34 in



S, M, L


Polyester Fiber + Cotton


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