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How to deal with a hoodie shrinking during the cleaning process?

1) Soak the shrunken hoodie in cold water for a period of time, then gently stretch and massage the fabric to help the fibers regain elasticity.

2) Add some conditioner to cold water and soak the hoodie in the water. Conditioners can sometimes help loosen the fibers and reduce shrinkage.

3) Use a steam iron to iron the shrunken hoodie, but keep a certain distance between the iron and the clothes to avoid burning the fabric.

How to prevent hoodie from fading?

1) When cleaning the hoodie for the first time, you can add some salt to the washing machine. Table salt can help set the color and reduce the chance of fading.

2) When washing the hoodie in the washing machine, turn it over. This reduces the color being directly affected by the agitation of the washing machine and helps maintain color stability.

3) Washing the hoodie in cold water reduces the risk of color fading. Hot water may cause the dye to dissolve, making the color fade more noticeably.

What should you pay attention to when cleaning a hoodie?

1) Turn the hoodie over before putting it in the washing machine to protect the pattern and color of the hoodie.

2) Use a gentle wash cycle, preferably cold water, to prevent clothing from shrinking or fading.

3) Avoid using strong stirring programs in the washing machine to prevent the hoodie from deforming, and do not let the hoodie soak in water for too long.

4) Try to avoid using the dryer as high temperatures may cause the hoodie to shrink or deform.

5) Before drying, gently shape the hoodie to avoid wrinkles.

Which countries can orders be shipped to?

We currently only sell in the United States and ship from 6216 Highway 79 North, Deberry, Texas, 75639. No matter which state or city you’re in, we’ll make sure your dream hoodie arrives quickly and safely.

In order to ensure the quality of our services, we currently only sell in the United States. If there are any subsequent adjustments, we will announce them on the website without prior notice.

How much is the shipping cost?

We have set reasonable shipping costs for orders to ensure you get high-quality hoodie at a favorable price. We also offer free shipping on orders over a certain amount. Details are as follows:

UPS Express
Orders less than $150 (included): $5
Order over $150: free

We do not charge additional shipping tax.