Black Cat Graphic Design Thin Hoodie

Black Cat Graphic Design Thin Hoodie


This is a black thin hoodie with a cat pattern design. It is made of thin craftsmanship and is ideal for warmth without being stuffy.

Size: 24.62*29.13*0.39 inch
Material: Polyester fiber + cotton

It is based on black and features a uniquely designed cute cat pattern, which adds a sense of playfulness and fashion and is suitable for customers who love animal elements.

Made of soft cotton and polyester fiber fabrics, the surface is smooth, reducing the possibility of pilling during friction.

The ventilation structure is specially designed to improve the air circulation effect and effectively reduce the stuffiness when wearing it.

After special color fixation treatment, the color fastness is ensured, so that it can maintain stable color under various conditions such as washing and sweat.

Additional information

Weight 1.14 lbs
Dimensions 24.62 × 29.13 × 0.39 in



S, M, L


Polyester Fiber + Cotton


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