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Black Number 7 Pattern Thickened Hoodie

This is a black thickened hoodie with a number 7 pattern. It is very versatile and suitable for daily casual wear, adding a sense of fashion.

Two types of hoodies we own

Welcome to Familyprefer, we are proud to introduce two excellent hoodies to meet your wearing needs in different seasons and climates: thickened hoodie and thin hoodie.


Thickened Hoodie

First, let us introduce you to our thickened hoodie, this hoodie is ideal for providing enhanced warmth in colder weather.

Our thickened hoodie is made from high-quality polyester fiber and cotton fabrics with a higher weight, up to 1.98 lbs, ensuring the wearer feels warm and comfortable in cold climates.

The thickened fleece design inside the sweatshirt can effectively resist cold wind, bring you warmth and comfort, and provide all-round protection, making it an ideal companion for winter outdoor activities.


Thin Hoodie

As opposed to thickened hoodies, thin hoodies are designed for situations where lightness, flexibility and breathability are sought. They typically weigh 0.9 lbs, making them ideal for spring, fall, or summer.

The thin hoodie is made from lightweight polyester fiber and cotton fabrics to ensure the wearer remains comfortable and ventilated during exercise.

Suitable for a variety of activities such as running, fitness and outdoor sports, this hoodie provides flexibility and breathability to keep you active during the warmer months.

Black Universe Graffiti Design Thin Hoodie

This is a black thin hoodie with cosmic graffiti design, lightweight and stylish, which can maintain comfort while showing your unique fashion taste.

White Love Heart Graffiti Design Thickened Hoodie

This is a white thickened hoodie with love graffiti design. It is fashionable, cute and comfortable, and can add a lot of color to your fashion style.

Applicable scenarios for hoodie

casual daily

Sports occasion


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